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November 12, 2012
8:30am – 4:30pm

Over the last two years, Creativity Forum attendees have requested more in-depth knowledge and practical tools on how to implement creativity and innovation in their schools, businesses, and community environments.

In response to this request, Creative Oklahoma identified several Oklahoma-based creativity and innovation Experts in Residence who began meeting over the last six months to learn from one another and work together to develop content that could be offered this year as a special Pre-Forum event, the cSchool Bootcamp.

The Bootcamp is comprised of four 90-minute classes team-taught by the Experts in Residence, academicians and practitioners of creativity and innovation who have formed a teaching faculty for the newly formed cSchool. Through the cSchool Bootcamp experience, attendees will gain a better understanding of their creative abilities and how they function in a team and work environment. People will learn evidence-based tools for enhancing their creativity and leave with practical strategies for unleashing innovation in their organizations and communities.

Registrants for cSchool will receive access to a research-based assessment tool designed to identify their creative abilities and to maximize their creative potential. Upon completing the on-line assessment, registrants will receive a personalized analysis of their unique creative strengths by cSchool faculty. Through the cSchool experience and on-line assessment, attendees will gain better understanding of their creative abilities and how they function in a team and work environment.

The cSchool Bootcamp registration also includes a luncheon for all with a special presentation “How the Internet Could Change the Way You Create, and Solve Problems” featuring renowned creativity expert, Cyndi Burnett, Director of Distance Education Programs at the International Center for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State University in New York. Burnett’s keynote will explore the ways in which you can navigate the internet and take advantage of its huge creative potential.The internet has dramatically changed the way we work, but has it changed the way we think? If it’s helpful to discuss problems with a few friends, then having access to nearly a billion ‘friends’ should offer huge benefits. But, are we seeing the results? 

The cSchool Bootcamp features four modules, which serve as fast track versions of future cSchool course experiences:

101 – Understanding Creativity

Module 101 lays the framework for understanding where creativity comes from and how to use it. Participants learn the research behind the origins of creativity and how to enhance the creativity of themselves and their teams. This module discusses the results of the cSchool Creativity Assessment in order reveal each participant’s creative strengths and abilities.

Faculty: Kathy Goff and David Burkus

202 – The Creative Practice

Module 202 builds on the framework from the previous session to provide practical methods for creative problem solving. Participants learn practical tools for using their creativity to solve problems and yield innovation. This module gives participants a chance to try their hand at leveraging creativity to improve their organizations or communities.

Faculty: Cynthia Rolfe, Erik Guzik, Kathy Goff, and Robert Frantz

303 – Designing Innovation

Module 303 explores the unique elements of innovative environments (including organizations and whole communities.) Participants learn creative strategies from the realm of design thinking in order to unleash innovation in an industry or society. This module follows the creative problem solving methods taught in the previous module to generate solutions that can be easily applied by participants upon returning to their organizations.

Faculty: Russell Claus, Blair Humphreys, Erik Guzik, and David Burkus

404 – From Idea to Innovation

Module 404 guides participants through the process of innovation, including some handy tools for bringing ideas to life. Participants learn the process that all great ideas go through before they gain acceptance and become true innovation. This module allows participants to better understand their own creative ideas and gives them a tool for selling those ideas to their teams, organizations, industries and societies.

Faculty: Jay Martin, Ken Parker, and David Burkus

Pricing: $295 (includes one registration to the State of Creativity Forum 2012)


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