[Artspace] at Untitled is organizing the 2010 Creativity World Biennale to be presented November 15, 2010 – January 8, 2011 in Untitled’s galleries and extending into venues throughout the historic Automobile Alley district along Broadway. The international invitational exhibition is being planned in conjunction with Creative Oklahoma’s hosting of the 2010 Creativity World Forum November 15 – 17, 2010 in Oklahoma City.

Modeled after the long-running Venice Biennale, held every two years in Italy, the exhibition will focus on the visual arts and has as its theme, New Processes, New Approaches, New Art. It will include the work of  artists selected to represent different Districts of Creativity worldwide including Oklahoma, which is currently the only District of Creativity in the United States.

“We are very honored to be working with Creative Oklahoma towards the implementation of the first ever Creativity World Biennale,” said Jon Burris, Executive Director of [Artspace] at Untitled and Director for the Biennale. “We appreciate their support for the program we have outlined. We proposed the concept during the early planning stages for the Creativity World Forum because we believe it fits perfectly Untitled’s mission to introduce international contemporary art to audiences in Oklahoma City. The Biennale will also serve to publicly identify Oklahoma’s role as an international District of Creativity from the cultural arts sector.”

Cultural representatives from each of the 12 Districts of Creativity including: Baden-Wurttenberg (Germany), Catalonia (Spain), Karnataka (India), Lombardia(Italy), Nord-Pas de Calais (France), Oklahoma (United States), Qingdao (China), Rhone-Alpes (France), Scotland (United Kingdom), Shanghai (China), Flanders (Belgium), Tampere (Finland) have been asked to recommend four artists. A curatorial Committee created by [Artspace] at Untitled will then make a final selection  based on how well the work submitted by the artists fits the Biennale theme.

In defining the theme for the Biennale, Burris stated, “The theme is based on the idea that as new technologies are developing around the world, so too are new processes of creating art involving new media and new materials. Artists world-wide are embracing new methods of producing art as a result of these new technologies and it is the goal of this Biennale to introduce new aesthetic approaches that have developed as a result.”

Please visit our photo page for see examples of work that will be at the 2010 Creativity World Biennale.

For more information contact:

Jon Burris, Director Biennale
Chris Salyer, Biennale Committee Chairman