Education Focus

A major 21st century global shift is occurring based on a new ‘ideas economy’ that challenges the 19th century structure of schools and the 20th century structure of major corporations. We are on a mission to make Oklahoma the model laboratory for the rest of America to consider.

“What we’re really talking about is cultivating human ability and human capacity. All of our kids and all of us have tremendous abilities. Whether they flourish depends on how they’re nourished.” – Sir Ken Robinson

Why is creative education important?

Once and international leader in high school graduation rates, the US is now ranked 18th out of 25 industrialized countries (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, 2009)

Innovation is crucial to competition, and creativity is integral to innovation. U.S. employers rate creativity/ innovation among the top five skills that will increase in importance in the years to come. (Ready to Innovate) We must develop the creative capacities of our future workforce to be able to compete in the creative economy.

What are we doing to further education?

  • Built a new cross-disciplinary dialogue and coalition between government, business, education, culture, and civic leadership on the importance of creativity and innovation that did not previously exist.
  • Partnering with the DaVinci Institute, Oklahoma’s higher education creativity think-tank, creativity has been heightened at the higher education level through their lecture program, speakers’ bureau and annual awards in creativity in teaching at the college/university level, the DaVinci Fellows, and for first year teachers, the DaVinci Scholars.
  • Conducted education symposiums for Oklahoma educators on creativity with over 500 attendees at the Fall 2009 symposium, The New Renaissance.
  • Partners with Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores to encourage great creative ideas in students with awards through the Love’s Creative SPARKS! Award program.