Culture Focus

Creative Oklahoma looks broadly at quality of life issues in Oklahoma including health, environment, and the arts. Our challenge is to mold these fields into a more productive environment for creative endeavors in Oklahoma.

Through partnerships with statewide and national organizations such as Americans for the Arts and the Arts Education Partnership, Creative Oklahoma has established innovative programs to promote expansion of arts and cultural opportunities, with particular focus on Oklahoma’s music education, music industry, and emerging film and new media education.

Why is creativity in culture important?

Creativity is both an ability and a state of mind, nurtured by some cultures and discouraged by others. By nurturing creativity, we can improve the societal paradigm and then combine community and leadership to address Oklahoma’s most pressing issues.

“I think a success of Creative Oklahoma has been in putting people in touch with each other – not because they are like minded, but because they are trying to achieve something similar. In fact, very often the best work comes from people who don’t think in the same way but can find a way of working together.”
-Sir Ken Robinson
Founding Advisor, Creative Oklahoma

What do we do to promote creativity in culture?

▪   Increased the visibility of the importance of creativity and innovation in schools, businesses, and the general public through creativity-centered stories and documentary films.
▪   Partnered with Inca Productions and OETA to produce the first national public television documentary: ReCreating America: Creativity & Learning for statewide distribution in 2009 and national airing in April of 2010.  The second film was released in 2012. “Reinventing Yourself” tells the story of four people who changed their lives and a nation that reinvented itself.
▪   Together with Oklahoma Publishing Company, Creative Oklahoma developed a series of short videos focusing on creativity in the lives of important Oklahomans.
▪   Partnering with OETA, Creative Oklahoma developed a series of “Creative Moments,” short videos on creativity in Oklahoma, and the “State of Creativity” television series, a 30-minute series concentrating on creative endeavors in the state airing multiple times monthly.
▪   Recognized Oklahomans making national/international creative contributions through the Creativity Ambassador program.
▪   Served as a catalyst to bring the Academy of Contemporary Music from Guildford, England, to Oklahoma City where it is an accredited program of the University of Central Oklahoma serving over 200 students in its first year.
    Accepted as the only “District of Creativity” in the US in 2007 by the Districts of Creativity Network (DC Network) organization based in Flanders.