Creative Oklahoma cSchool

In 2012, Creative Oklahoma joined with several Oklahoma-based creativity and innovation professionals and practitioners to develop in-depth workshops and trainings in creativity and innovation. This resulted in the development of cSchool.  Creative Oklahoma’s cSchool currently consists of five initiatives:

▪   cSchool OfferingsFoundation Series (12 hours/4 sessions) and catalog offerings of workshops and trainings in creativity and innovation for individuals, for-profits and non-profit businesses/organizations, schools and communities

                        Foundation Series for Business

                        Foundation Series for Education

                        Creative Amplifier Business Classes

                        Creative Amplifier Education Classes

▪   State of Creativity Forum Pre and Post Conference Offerings - November 18, 2013 pre-conference and November 20, 2013 post conference
▪   Creative Conversations - partner with higher education institutions to identify and recognize a creatively successful alumnus who will speak – a cSchool representative will also be present to answer questions on creativity and innovation
▪   Creative Salons - co-sponsor external creativity and innovation experts to promote creativity and innovation throughout Oklahoma
▪   Creative Communities - designed to identify and develop the creative capacities of a community for economic development and improved quality of life


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