Why Creativity?

Our 21st century interconnected global economy is an economy built on ideas. The next new ideas will drive corporate profitability, entrepreneurial growth, and solutions to some of the most serious health, environmental, and social issues facing the human race. Yet, there is a disconnect between how educational systems are preparing young people for this fast-paced change and the needs of the workforce and society for creative thinkers, inventors, and entrepreneurs.

Every human is born with unique talents, passion, imagination, and the capacity to create. Our challenge in life is to recognize where our passions reside, what our talents are, and how to keep those alive as we move through life in our homes, schools, workplaces, and community organizations. Too often we are told that an idea can’t be done because it’s been tried before and failed; not to pursue our passions because we’ll never be able to make a living; and that test scores are more important than curiosity and deep learning.

The global creativity movement, including Creative Oklahoma, is encouraging individuals to recognize their innate talents and creativity bringing those gifts passionately into boardrooms, classrooms, and city halls. Creative ideas will drive the economic and social change so critical to our survival.