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Creative Tallis: Oklahoma!

Thanks to Thomas Tallis High School (click to visit blog) We have just returned from a really exciting trip to Oklahoma to present our thoughts about creative learning and the future of schools at the Creativity World Forum. Representatives from Thomas Tallis and 2 other London schools (Stormont House and Gallions) took part in a

Are Distractible People More Creative?

By Jonah Lehrer The Frontal Cortex, Our culture worships attention. We assume that, when we’re faced with a really hard problem, the best response is to stay focused, to lavish the dilemma with deliberate thought. And so we order a triple espresso, or chug some Red Bull, or snort some Ritalin. The point of

When Creativity Attacks

Future success around the world will be built on imaginative minds by Nick Meyer photos by Nick Meyer, VolumeOne Issue #166 Dec. 2nd, 2010 The Creativity World Forum drew more than 2,500 people from around the world to hear presentations, experience performances, and engage in discussions about the critical role creativity will play in the